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Soft premium silicone sleeve With an adjustable lanyard

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Product Descriptions
Material : Silicone

  • The case is 1 piece wearing a face
  • The case is designed to cover the device around. And leave the front of the lens and screen for ease of use.
  • The case is designed to fit the device. Is compact with the machine
  • Comes with an adjustable neck strap And there is a cable lock to lock the size for wrist strap
  • The case material is thin and flexible. Makes it easy to put on and take off
  • The case has a matte finish. Eliminate fingerprints
  • The case and strap are of good quality, strong, durable, difficult to tear
  • The edge of the case in front of the screen is higher than the screen. Helps prevent the screen to touch the surface when the screen is facing down
  • The channels are trimmed to fit properly. With beautiful resolution
  • After wearing the case, the buttons and LCD screen can still be used normally