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Skin moisturized and healthy

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Laneige Perfect Renew Anti-Aging Set

A set of products that revitalize the skin with the properties of refreshing the skin

Set includes :

1. Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser Size 150 ML. : The cleanser containing plant-derived papain enzyme removes makeup, sun cream, and fine dust and takes care of dead skin cells. The cleanser containing blueberry extract makes the skin clean and bright.

2. Skin Refiner Size 120 ML. : Refreshing Gel-type skin refiner that absorbs into the skin to replenish moisture & youth energy.

3. Emulsion Size 100 ML. : Helps to restore skin’s moisture-oil balance, enhance moisture barrier and protect the skin from irritants.

4. Regenerator Size 40 ML. : Fresh oil Serum that boosts the youth energy of the skin for moisturized, smooth and radiantly younger skin.

5. Cream Size 50 ML. : A Cream moisturizer that fortifies the skin barrier and leaves your skin filled with vitality.

How to use : Used to nourish the face morning – night.

Made in :South Korea

Ingredient : Flavonoid component extracted from the galangal root

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