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Skincare serum

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New products for beautiful, sparkling skin than ever before with First Care Activating Serum, a concentrated serum in the form of a skincare spray. For a balanced, hydrated, healthy skin all day long That comes in the form of Bi-Phase dividing the water and oil layers. To replenish moisture, Helps to restore skin balance from within to glow while restoring flexibility to the skin. Helps to soothe the skin from stress and pollution. Help replenish moisture to the skin For a radiant and vibrant glow, it combines micro spray technology, micro molecules can be absorbed into the skin quickly, even after makeup. Without leaving a sticky residue With the scent of aromatic herbs to relax you body and mind.


  • Dwarf Lily Turf Root Extract Licorice Extract Walnut Seed Extract Jujube Extract And green tea extract

How to use

  • Use after fully shaking the container to mix the oil-water essence well. (Spray after shaking the container up and down more than10 times.) Whenever the skin feels dry, lightly spray on the face from a distance of 10-15cm. With your palms, lightly wrap the face to promote absorption into the skin.


  • 110 ml.

Made in : South Korea